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"Welcome back, Dreamer."

"Many things have changed."

"Is there something you have forgotten?"

OMORI: REVERIE is a modded fangame project, set after the events of OMORI's good ending. In Chapter 3, the player finally wakes up to explore the new reality set before him: the booming and complex city, his new home. Traverse unfamiliar terrain, get up to some eventful shenanigans, and meet new and old friends alike!

Note for Chapter 3: Main content may be smaller than usual, composing of mostly story. A major amount of content are optional.


Reverie is a modded fangame project intended to provide some closure to the player after the events of OMORI's good ending. It may feel to players that many plot lines within Headspace are largely left unfinished without a proper ending, especially in the 'true' route of the game. This mod aims to amend this somewhat, and give a satisfactory conclusion to many characters in Sunny's dream world, such as SWEETHEART, SPACEBOY, and more. Another objective is to expand on the events of the True Ending, and explore Sunny's psyche, as well as his relationship with his friends, after having come to terms with the truth.

Our biggest priority while developing Reverie is 'faithfulness'. We will attempt to keep the characters of this project as close as possible to the base game, and try our hardest not to make any significant changes to their personalities and traits without a very good reason. Most actions they take will be determined not by convenience or flight of fancy, but by analyzing their established motivations and seeing how they might react to the events that will take place in Reverie. We will be forced to take a small degree of artistic freedom, however, as without it telling a brand new story is impossible.


  • 3 entirely new Headspace party members (DOUGHIE, SWEETHEART, and SPACEBOY), all with their completely unique skillsets and niches

  • A new story following the events of the good ending, with current total playtime of ~180 minutes

  • A new Headspace area, the mysterious underground tunnels, complete with all new enemies and bosses (Chapter 1)

  • A totally revamped OTHERWORLD, with new bosses and enemies (Chapter 2)

  • A completely new area set in a city in the Real World (Chapter 3)

  • The return of some familiar faces, as well as the debut of new ones

  • Imaginary (and real?) violence

  • 2 difficulty modes: normal and hard


  • You ONLY need to download latest chapter to play the full experience! The files will also contain previous chapter content.

  • Please use the LATEST version of ONELOADER! REVERIE is only compatible with ONELOADER version 1.1.3 or higher.

  • Because Reverie is a rather big mod, it will undoubtedly have some bugs even after release. Because of this, we will likely be releasing updates every once in a while.

  • Reverie makes some quite heavy changes to the game files, which will cause errors if mods that alter the same files are used in conjunction (Smile More is an example). If you encounter errors that hinder your ability to play the mod, then please feel free to ask for help in our community discord server (invite below)!

  • FOR VERSION OLDER THAN 2.5: Old save files are not compatible across each other due to large coding changes.



  • OMORI English version
  • No dependencies, Only requires the mod



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I install OneLoader?

Please use this LINK to download the latest version of OneLoader, and follow the instructions to install the modloader. If you have further problems, please feel free to hit us up on the community discord server! We'd be happy to help.

IMPORTANT: If you already have GOMORI installed, you can use this GOMORI mod to switch to OneLoader easily: LINK

What version do I download?

The latest version will contain all prerequisite chapters, so only the latest version are neccesary.

What's with the gameplay difficulty?

Reverie mod is designed to be more harder than base game OMORI. NORMAL mode are more similar to original game difficulty, while HARD mode is for the people who want more challenge.

I'm a returning player and my save is broken!!! What do I do?

Saves from CH1 and 2 are incompatible with newer ones. CH2.5 and beyond can carry on and update to newer version. [For example: 2.5 to 3] Be weary some changes are not completely updatable. For example, Doughie's stats are nerfed slightly on CH3, but stats are saved causing it to be higher than intended.

I have some ideas that I think would be really interesting in Reverie / I want to discuss Reverie's direction and plot with others / I want to use my skills to help out and participate in the development process! How can I do this?

First of all, thank you so much for showing interest in our little mod! You can discuss, suggest, and even help out by joining our DISCORD SERVER. We would greatly appreciate help of all kinds, such as art, music, RPGMaker development, javascript programming, and more! We're looking forward to seeing you there!


Licensing information

Like all game mods, this mod contains both original work and a limited number of original game assets. Original game assets are provided for the sake of game compatibility only, and you must own the game on Steam to use this content. By downloading any file from this website you confirm that you have purchased a legal copy of the game and that you will not knowingly re-distribute game content. Additionally, any original content of this mod is licensed under the following terms:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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