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  • Updated Credit Video
  • Added Credit text file in detail
  • TENACITY skill changes
  • 1.6x => 1.5x Damage output
  • 0.4x => 0.5x Damage taken
  • 1.4x => 1.5x AGI
  • Activates when SPACEBOY is only single party member => Activates when SPACEBOY is only ALIVE party member (Meaning it can activate when other party member is toasted as well)
  • TENACITY check now activates immediately at battle start
  • ALLEGRO and TRIPLE SLAP now display damage immediately
  • ALLEGRO description now mentions skill scales with user's HEART
  • AD BLOCKER now mentions stat change
  • Fixed Bottom Metro Door entrance automatically send user back when entering from different angle.
  • COMPRESSED BOOK is now actually debuffed (+20 MP => +16 MP)
  • Fixed TV Girl sprite bug when reentering room and reinteracted with

Developer Note:

  • Unhardcoded vending machine flavor text in metro

Extra file information:

  • File size: 176.55 MB
  • Downloads: 40
  • GOMORI ID: reverie

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