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  • Fixed Vagabond Jash dialogue
  • Fixed Equip menu without clicking anything showing NaN
  • Fixed Cutscene Party still being visible in CH2 return
  • Fixed Spaceboy's Comet punch being usable outside of battle
  • Added some Metro puzzles markers and collision fixes
  • Changed some item pricing and shop of Vagabond Jash
  • Compressed book change (+20 MP > +16 MP)

Dev Note:

  • Removed old metro tilesets and moved to proper main Metro tileset
  • Metro puzzles still doesn't prevent deliberate soft lock entirely
  • There could be potential troubles with existing saves with crates in weird places and self switches

Extra file information:

  • File size: 175.82 MB
  • Downloads: 1558
  • GOMORI ID: reverie

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