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Third and hopefully final patch!


  • Hit and Evasion now display in battle for both enemies in info box and player in battle log


  • Star Fragment is now Important Item category
  • Metro B1 Enemies and Wendyheart now use Juice for skill (Technically oversight)


  • Mapinfos.json now included again (Missing breaks console mod)
  • Stat screen now rounds number properly rather than truncating, also allows for negative number in evasion
  • Wendyheart no longer will stab you with 9999 damage against Sunny on first turn (was a debug remain)
  • Wind-Up Slap now deals damage
  • Fixed badge sound playing when it's already gained before hand
  • Fixed Charm not working with Multi Hit Random target skills (Like bullet hell)
  • Kite Kid skill "Bawl" now properly angrify only once

Extra file information:

  • File size: 339.83 MB
  • Downloads: 2411
  • GOMORI ID: reverie

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