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OC BOSS RUSH (2.1.3d)



2.1.3d changelog

  • Buffed Curveball, Snowball, Hack Away, Allegro and Lacerate
  • Increased cost of red hands
  • Increased final ranking rewards
  • Fixed some inaccuracies in FOE FACTS!
  • Removed some misplaced animations
  • Fixed Lake's, Ryker's and Evakun's ABILITIES either triggering every turn or not triggering
  • Removed old MARI cookie text

2.1.3c changelog

  • buffed overpowered strike, helter-skelter, bum-rush, etc
  • fixed tulip dealing 0 damage

2.1.3b changelog

  • fixed issues with ASPEN's and KULTO's attacks
  • buffed final boss

2.1.3a changelog

  • fixed some bugs
  • buffed final boss

2.1.3 changelog

  • Revamped how abilites that involve reducing STATS work.
  • Removed Cookies and Mush as rewards and replaced them with item packages.
  • Did pretty much a massive rebalance on a lot of bosses, now a lot of them are easier while some got harder.
  • Buffed the FARAWAY party to get the same extra buffs as the DREAMWORLD one (SUNNY gets +10 to all stats, KEL gets +50 HEART, etc)
  • Rebalanced all skills that involve SPEED so they still do around the same damage as a basic attack if youre at low speed and decent damage at high speed
  • Charms cost way less now and you get more starting money
  • You can now equip 6 skills instead of 4.
  • FOE FACTS now has 2 extra pages for each enemy with info about their SKILLS and STATS so you dont have to memorize them!
  • Added new music for some bosses
  • Some bosses can now use their ABILITIES when encountered in RANDOM BATTLES.
  • Changed "DEFAULT" music selection on RANDOM BATTLES to "DYNAMIC" with features a new track that changes with the enemies that appear.
  • Added extra jukeboxes that play the boss themes from HOLIDAY MASHUP and REMIXED BOSS RUSH.
  • HARD, EXTREME and BRUTAL difficulties now reduce the bosses' HEART and JUICE in exchange for the high STATS
  • CARAMEL APPLE now heals JUICE when reviving an ally.
  • Updated HARUTAN's sprites cuz the old one looked like shit lol
  • pretty sure there's more stuff but i forgor as i'm writing this
  • added a final boss.

Extra file information:

  • File size: 525.18 MB
  • Downloads: 189
  • GOMORI ID: stupidocmod

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