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OC BOSS RUSH (2.1.2)



  • Sunny now "endures the hit" in REVERIE MODE, and Sun Man Omori now "does not succumb" in VESSEL MODE.
  • Fixed friends fight instakilling you at turn 40 if you completed TIME ATTACK before.
  • Guard now actually heals JUICE instead of HEART.
  • Updated REVERIE cast to have their new skills and changes from the 2.5 update.
  • One of SAMAEL's attacks now consider defense and attack instead of dealing set damage.
  • losing at HAURUS' fight in REVERIE MODE no longer ends the gauntlet.
  • Omori-fied Elliot's shop theme.
  • AUBREY's COUNTER now reduces damage taken!
  • Secret guys can now feel all tier 2 emotions.
  • Blackthorn no longer removes Jasper's debuffs when entering phase 2 in REMIXED BOSS RUSH.
  • Added Menu Sprites for Reverie Sunny and Spaceboy

Extra file information:

  • File size: 449.71 MB
  • Downloads: 687
  • GOMORI ID: stupidocmod

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