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  • Fixed Party Escape sprite
  • Fixed Lasting memory
  • Fixed Game Over not happening when it's Spaceboy solo fight and toasted
  • Fixed Couch and Recycling Machine collision
  • Fixed Kite Kid badge not given
  • Fixed "x is immune" text loop when Planet X is inflicted with ailments
  • Fixed Title screen to be Sunny (only after reverie save)
  • Actually added Donuts, so the badge is obtainable
  • Broke Mole in ticket place interacts with Sweetheart's tag


  • Removed unused biscuit texts
  • Plugins are merged and cleaned up. Nomori is merged with Reverie fixes

NOTE: For saves past Planet X, The fix for the bug of empty skill and no Lasting Memory skill are:

Unequip the “empty” skill (no text at all) done in console (with console mod: /removeskill 17 1522 (removes the empty skill) /addskill 17 1542 (adds Lasting Memory)

Extra file information:

  • File size: 177.18 MB
  • Downloads: 129
  • GOMORI ID: reverie

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