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OneLoader 1.4 (1.4)




High performance OMORI mod loader


  • Extract the zip into your game folder, when prompted, replace files.

What's new in 1.4

  • Support for ES Modules in plugins. This allows you to split your plugin code into smaller, more logical blocks. To use this feature, use the file extension .mjs for your plugin. More detailed documentation on this coming soon.
  • Support for ES Modules in async_exec rules. Yet again, use the .mjs file extension to access this feature.
  • Added the ability to patch the package.json file. To use this, enable the package_json_editing flag in your mod.json, and then put your patches in the packagejson_delta mod.json key.
  • Added support for raw files in mods. Add the raw key into your files declaration and list files there as normal. They will be put in the virtual file system without being encrypted or having their extension changed.
  • Fixed edge case with fs.readdirSync being ran on directories that don't exist in the base filesystem, only in mod filesystems.

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