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NEMURI (1.2.7)


1.2.7 changelog

  • Fixed Game Over buttons vanishing

1.2.6 changelog

  • Fixed Unbread Twins and Shady mole being wacky with their drops

1.2.5d changelog

  • Fixed smooth camera glitch after boss tells you about BOSS RUSH modes.
  • buffed planets, snaley, single humphreys, and some of MARINA'S attacks.
  • fixed softlock on painful mode
  • buffed enemy groups in mini-boss rush
  • Snaley's RELEASE ENERGY now considers EMOTION.

1.2.5 changelog

  • Added BOSS RUSH modes! These are unlocked after you beat the BOSS RUSH with BASIL. Each mode is basically an entire new BOSS RUSH with different bosses for you to fight, there's even some new bosses, so be sure to check it out!
  • Made SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN acessible on both routes, it's now unlocked after you beat HUMPHREY!
  • Did some minor balance changes
  • Changed the effects of some of HERO's SKILLS so they're not useless by the endgame
  • KEL's SNOWBALL now makes all foes SAD
  • Fixed some visual issues when doing the BOSS RUSH with BASIL again
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could get softlocked on the BOSS RUSH
  • basil no longer gets sent to blackspace again on the space ex husband cutscene

Extra file information:

  • File size: 212.02 MB
  • Downloads: 12
  • GOMORI ID: nemuri

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