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OMORI Room Randomizer V2.2 (V2.2)



  • The CAT DISSECTION Blackspace room should now allow you to leave properly without triggering one of the neutral endings

  • LONG SNOUT Now gets removed incase they re-appear on the map

  • Added a mechanic where if you've met certain criteria, the randomizer blacklists that map for future new transfers- Although only one map has been made to be blacklisted if this happens at the moment (The pre-OMORI RECITAL BACKSTAGE If you feed humphrey somehow)

  • Several more small softlock preventions such as the player teleporting behind spikes in the SWEETHEART Underground Dungeon room

Extra file information:

  • File size: 0.01 MB
  • Downloads: 12
  • GOMORI ID: roomrandomizer

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