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About this mod

A new foe appeared in Orange Oasis, and it brings me many, many regrets! Help some modding discussion people that you never heard about (for sure), Ayaan and Labraman, be free from a horrible (horrible!) curse, the curse of uwu (disgusting!)! Go to Orange Oasis and fight a new slightly super boss! they may not look scary, and may even look really really cute, but they are also very deadly!


To start the quest, simply find Ayaan outside of the Dino's Dig, he will only show up if the twins are away from their home, else how would they steal the bread.

Yes, I tried to animate it, it didn't go very well, we have what we got.

Yes, I tried to use delta files, it didn't go very well, we have what we got. EDIT: Labraman did the delta files, so now there are delta files.

Yes, I tried to not take ages to do this, it didn't go very well, we have what we got.

No, I couldn't find the person that created thickomori to ask permission, thickomori (which I just slapped ayaan's face and made small edits) WAS NOT CREATED BY ME, if you do know the person, please tell me so I can put them here. :depressed_hero:

Yes, there is a very very small amount of game assets that can be found in the mod, and like every mod, you must own the game on Steam in order to play this, if you don't own the game, buy it, pretty please, lov u s2.

Special thanks to Labra for allowing me to do this crap, as well as Ayaan, Meme_0 for testing, chronostat for making the base art for Labra (really this mod wouldn't exist if weren't for them), Rph, for existing, and as well as everyone on the modding community!


Labraman: The sweet recording that started this to begin with, as well as a lot of help with the text formatting, and yes, Labraman is the one who uwu the text, I couldn't bring myself to it, also the sprite art, the mod is literally about this person.

Ayaan: With his presence.

Chronostat: The base art for the battle sprite for Labra and Ayaan's smug face.

Meme_0: Testing.


Licensing information

Like all game mods, this mod contains both original work and a limited number of original game assets. Original game assets are provided for the sake of game compatibility only, and you must own the game on Steam to use this content. By downloading any file from this website you confirm that you have purchased a legal copy of the game and that you will not knowingly re-distribute game content. Additionally, any original content of this mod is licensed under the following terms:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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