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This mod basically makes all the main character's eyes filled in/empty, just like OMORI's. They are all depressed now. This includes: -Battle Portraits -Dialogue Portraits -Polaroid Photos -Hug Cutscenes -Small Images/Cutscenes (NOT literal videos, like when OMORI "saves" SUNNY or like the cutscenes before each HEADSPACE section.) -Some Battle Animations (No Headbutt yet.)

This DOES NOT change the Title Screen or long animated sequences.


Licensing information

Like all game mods, this mod contains both original work and a limited number of original game assets. Original game assets are provided for the sake of game compatibility only, and you must own the game on Steam to use this content. By downloading any file from this website you confirm that you have purchased a legal copy of the game and that you will not knowingly re-distribute game content. Additionally, any original content of this mod is licensed under the following terms:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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