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New Commands! (0.2.0)



Omori Debug Console (v0.2.0)

This mod is still in beta, missing features and bugs are to be expected!


  • /addparty [name] - Adds a character to the party
  • /removeparty [name] - Removes a character from the party
  • /hp [name] [value | max] - Sets the character's HP to value
  • /mp [name] [value | max] - Sets the character's MP to value
  • /heal [name] - Heals the player
  • /switch [name] [on | off] - Sets the switch to on or off. Passing only the name will show the value instead
  • /variable [name] [value] - Sets the variable to value. Passing only the name will show the value instead
  • /event [name] - Runs an event


  • /joinbattle is merged with /battle, so it's no longer needed to run a separate command to add new enemies to the battle
  • You can now pass relative x and y coordinates while adding a new enemy to the battle /battle [id | name] [x = 0] [y = 0]
  • Changed the error handling, so instead you will get an error output in the console
  • Autocomplete improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and refactoring

Extra file information:

  • File size: 0.01 MB
  • Downloads: 139
  • GOMORI ID: console

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