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cecilyspace (1.0.0)




A visual update to the TV Room, and several new televisions that tell a broken story

An ending with credits

Multiple new story elements and dialogs in certain areas of the game

New NPCs in the Player's Home, Playground, and Orange Oasis

CLICK by Adam Sandler

(no, really, the mod has CLICK by Adam Sandler)

Described by anomaletix as "just like The Binding of Isaac"

Of course, new sprites and animations, including a completely new release energy animation

There are still a few unfinished animations here and there, but you should be able to get through the entirety of the new content with 0 issues.

Tons of secrets found in the game itself and in the files!

Extra file information:

  • File size: 53.62 MB
  • Downloads: 141
  • GOMORI ID: cecilyspace

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