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  • Fixed 2 softlocks in Lost Pier and one in Kel and Hero's house
  • Balanced skills
  • Attempted to fix the double guard bug
  • Basil no longer turns into Mari on the last day.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and adjustments


  • Fixed quirks in the talk system and dialogue
  • Fixed a softlock near the end of Lost Pier
  • Now uses coloured sprites for the Daydream Section. Thank you Neb.


  • Grammar and spelling fixes
  • Message now appears once you receive all tickets
  • Halved the amounts of melons in all headspace areas
  • Added extra story details
  • Nerfed the amount of EXP and Gold the enemies in Lost Pier give
  • Daydream music now resumes after leaving the save menu if you don't have save & load+
  • Focus shouldn't appear in the final battle anymore
  • Fixed missing dialogue and mismatched portraits


  • Fixed TALK quirks and grammar issues
  • Fixed minor softlock on day 2 (DW)


  • Fixed softlock at the beginning of day 2
  • Fixed minor grammar issues


  • Released the mod

Extra file information:

  • File size: 69.56 MB
  • Downloads: 8032
  • GOMORI ID: autumnbreak

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